Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Preview By IDG.TV Microsoft has announced its Windows 10 Fall Creators Preview, with new features like Timeline, Pick Up Where You Left Off, and the new Story Remix. Here's what the new update will include. ...Read More »
Delphi does self driving without the ugly tech By IDG.TV A self-driving car test bed from Delphi has the scanners and cameras integrated into the body of the car so it's almost indistinguishable from a normal car. ...Read More »
Watch: Vint Cerf on inventing the Internet, defending Al Gore By IDG.TV In this far-ranging interview from 2001, "Father of the Internet" Vinton Cerf recalls having to "shove TCP down people's throats" and lobby for government permission to commercialize the 'Net. ...Read More »
A woman with Parkinson's can write again thanks to a Microsoft wearable By IDG.TV Microsoft has developed a prototype wearable device that pairs with a tablet to counteract some of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. ...Read More »
Interview: Tim Minahan SVP & CMO, Citrix By IDG.TV Tim Minahan, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Citrix, discusses how Citrix is blending the art and science of marketing, his experience with moving to the cloud and the evolving role of the CMO. ...Read More »
GE Power's Ganesh Bell: How not to fail at digital transformation By IDG.TV Chief Digital Officer Ganesh Bell shares the three keys to a successful digital transformation and explains how GE Power turned "digital exhaust" to $4 billion in new business. ...Read More »
ShapeScale 3D body scanner hands-on By IDG.TV ShapeScale can measure your body parts within a millimeter of accuracy, showing exactly how your body responds to workouts over time. ...Read More »
Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 Camera Shootout By IDG.TV Can the Galaxy S8's improved camera knock the LG G6 off its throne? ...Read More »
This mini drone can be a soldier's eyes By IDG.TV The lightweight drone can be easily deployed to scope out a potentially hostile environment without putting soldiers in danger. ...Read More »
This solar plane has its sights set on the stratosphere By IDG.TV The first test of the prototype plane only lasted seven minutes, but the SolarStratos team hopes that one day, the solar aircraft will carry people to the edge of space. ...Read More »
Let's Play: Prey By IDG.TV Prey looks good and runs great. Join us as we investigate this System Shock successor's creepy Talos I space station. ...Read More »
The BlackBerry KeyOne - a surprising phone with a hardware keyboard By IDG.TV The BlackBerry KeyOne packs in productivity features and is worth a look if you're in the market for a new phone. It's the first time BlackBerry's iconic keyboard has been paired with Android. ...Read More »
Review: BlackBerry's KEYone phone brings back the keyboard By IDG.TV BlackBerry's new KEYone Android phone, complete with a real keyboard, could win back some of its enterprise customers. ...Read More »
Can the iPhone make better AR than Facebook and Snapchat? | The iPhone Show By IDG.TV Facebook and Snapchat have big ambitions around mobile augmented reality, but Apple might be the company that makes it actually useful. ...Read More »
Windows 10 S hands-on By IDG.TV We go hands on with Microsoft's Windows 10 S and one of its inexpensive partner laptops, the Dell Latitude 11 EDU. ...Read More »
Four devices to get a better night's sleep By IDG.TV Network World Cool Tools columnist Keith Shaw shows off four gadgets (two sleep trackers, two noise machines) that can help you get more or better sleep at night. ...Read More »
You should play: Everything By IDG.TV One part art-house film, one part nature documentary, one part guided meditation, Everything asks you to contemplate your place in the universe by experiencing the point-of-view of hundreds of other creatures, plants, and objects. ...Read More »
Security Sessions: Why CSOs should care about machine learning By IDG.TV In the latest episode of Security Sessions, CSO Editor-in-Chief Joan Goodchild speaks via Skype with Michael A. Davis, the CTO of behavioral analytics company CounterTack. The two discuss why machine learning is so important to CSOs and CISOs, even if they themselves are not particularly investing in such technology for their own security systems. ...Read More »
CIO Career Coach: Changing the culture in IT By IDG.TV If you don't own your organization's culture, one will manifest itself. And changes need to come from the top. contributor Martha Heller discusses the challenges IT leaders face when shaping the culture. ...Read More »
Mingis on Tech: H-1B visas and the future of Facebook Live By IDG.TV While some changes may be coming to the controversial H-1B visa program in the U.S., the same can't be said for Facebook Live, which is under scrutiny after users posted disturbing videos. ...Read More »
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